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What shall I wear?

Comfortable clothing which you can move around in and that will remain in place. Consider layers that you can easily remove during warming work and replace for warmth during stillness in relaxation practices at the end. Yoga is preferrably practiced with bare feet although socks can be worn.


When to practice?

Ideally yoga is practiced on an empty stomach however this can be unrealistic. Try to ensure a sufficient gap since the last meal or eat lightly beforehand.


What can I expect in class?

The focus in the class will be on mobilizing the body and working with Postures whilst developing correct breathing, alignment awareness, flexibility and strength. There will also be relaxation and breathing practices. 


Will I have to Chant?

No, whilst chanting can often be part of the wide ranging topic of Yoga, my classes focus on working comfortably with the body and mind to create a harmonious balance.  If there is any aspect of the Yoga class which does not feel comfortable then it should not be considered obligatory.


Equipment needed?

You should have your own Yoga mat although I do offer some spares for new starters. Yoga blocks and straps are useful props to provide extra support in the postures and I can also provide these. You may wish to bring a blanket for extra padding comfort and for relaxation at the end. 





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